Technology Transfer

Drug substance tech transfer is a complex activity carrying several technical, regulatory and quality risks. Whether you’re transferring your processes and know-how to our team or counting on us for seamless handoffs, a flexible, agile approach to tech transfer is vital.

At Cambrex, we offer a tried and trusted approach to technology transfer for scale-up or when transitioning to a different facility. Although we are able to draw upon our vast experience with drug substance tech transfer, we also recognize that every situation is potentially different and requires a distinct approach — or at least a tailored one. We are flexible, and our experts work diligently to evaluate the inherent complexity of your project to ensure our transfer scope and strategy are determined appropriately. We strive to increase your confidence in an efficient and successful transfer at all phases of your drug’s lifecycle.

The drug substance tech transfer skills and experience within our team are enabled by highly qualified experts and supplemented with ongoing training, support and continued professional development. The team is organized to support our unique manufacturing operation, which includes large-scale commercial cGMP production plants alongside our cGMP pilot plant and cGMP kilo laboratories. The result is a seamless, streamlined technology transfer process, with full and consistent support throughout the manufacturing journey, across all Cambrex sites.